ROCA A5A3D90NMN Atlas 中身面盆龍頭 連彈弓去水 星空黑色(原裝行貨)

  • 特價
  • $1,725.00
  • 定價 $2,300.00







Standard Installation Service Notes:

Fee: $500

It takes one to two days to make an appointment for the installer to provide an on site installation .
After the installation is completed, please check the installation situation immediately,
whether there is any water leakage, etc., and pay in cash after confirming the acceptance.

If there are installation problems within one week after installation,
the customer needs to provide relevant photos and videos for the installer's reference,
and a free follow-up will be arranged.
If there is a problem caused by customer or one week after the installation is completed,
a general on-site inspection fee of $200 will be charged
(excluding parts and additional maintenance fees).

In case of any disputes, the company reserves the right of final decision.